Two Points of View: Parham Peyvandi and Morvarid K.

26 April - 7 June 2021

Galerie Maria Behnam-Bakhtiar is pleased to announce ‘Two Points of View’ a dual solo exhibition of select works by Iranian artists Parham Peyvandi and Morvarid K, on view from April 26 through June 7, 2021 (extended through June 21, 2021).


Parham Peyvandi is a Tehran-based artist who continuously explores the theme of ‘city’ in his work. Focused on representing the city in its absence, by means of the artist’s memory and reminiscence of the moments experienced and seen, Parham Peyvandi portrays the principle essence of living in the city and the understanding of it instead of depicting what is seen in an instant. The equivalence of repetitive units in Peyvandi’s works creates an artificial and dull order, where landmarks are not recognizable, forcing the observer to perceive only an unfamiliar unity where everything becomes identical and homogenous, and the differences would be overcome.


The works on display are part of the artist’s ‘Gazing Through the City’ series where natural elements such as vividly coloured mountains, clouds, or trees are spotted beyond the repetitious and compact buildings signifying the impact of the fleeting manifestation of these elements on artist’s consciousness and the disappearance of distress as a result of these brief encounters. 


Morvarid K is a Bordeaux/Paris/Berlin-based artist whose vocabulary are the themes of transformative memory, suspended time, erasure, abstracted reality, visible or invisible borders, absence and distance. Although the Tehran-born artist left Iran early in life, she refuses to anchor herself in a ‘replacement country’ and considers the rest of the world as her field of research and human curiosity. Her work is metaphorical and questions the very nature of the human condition through a frank relationship with the physical manipulation of the image. The photographic medium anchors Morvarid K’s work in reality, while the superposition and transformation technics bring an allegorical dimension. The photographic print becomes a material, a stage in the creative process, where the performative experience completes the work.


The works on display are part of Morvarid K’s ‘The Thin Line’ and ‘Blue Sky’ series. ‘The Thin Line’ series are based on the superimposition of two images, one taken in Iran, and the other elsewhere depicting two worlds, two cultures. The element of transparency in the works creates a secret passage, a dialogue, a kind of in-between which in artist’s words is “A third reality that is mine, with my gaze on beauty, fragility, wounds, abandonment, resilience”. The ‘Blue Sky’ series seek to materialize the impact of murals and communication panels of educational, political, religious, commercial and ornamental contents that cover the streets of Tehran. By recomposing this urban gigantism through volumes of skyless buildings, we see formation of totems, like an indelible mental abstraction well anchored in the collective unconscious. 


About the Artists


Parham Peyvandi (b. 1989 Sari, Iran) lives and works in Tehran, Iran. Received MA in Painting in 2016 at the Art University of Tehran. He has exhibited works in numerous galleries and museum across Iran, notably the Sanati Contemporary Art Museum. Parham Peyvandi was awarded second place of the Fondation Behnam-Bakhtiar Award entitled FUTURE. IRAN in 2017.


Morvarid K. (b. 1982 Tehran, Iran) lives and works between Bordeaux/Paris/Berlin. Received MA in Arts in 2910 at ENSA Paris-Cergy. She has exhibited her work internationally, including Salwa Zeidan Gallery, Abu Dhabi; Yavuz Gallery, Singapore; and Craft Contemporary Museum, Los Angeles. Her works are in numerous private and public art collections, including CNAP, Paris and Lespien Art Foundation, Dusseldorf. Morvarid K was awarded third place of the Fondation Behnam-Bakhtiar Award entitled FUTURE. IRAN in 2017.